April 13

So I know its been a while since I last updated this blog but I’ve been busy.  I have had a lot of things going on, mostly work related so I can’t talk about them, online at least.  The good news is I will have some good stories for when I get back to ND.  I have had some good weekends though:

March 5-8th, My birthday weekend.

That weekend my mom, Nancy, and my cousin Dan came out for the weekend, arriving Thursday night.  We went t o my favorite burger spot for dinner, the Capital City Brewery.  Friday morning we got a tour of the White House, during which we were able to see Marine One land. Friday afternoon I led the three on a tour of the Capital building in which we were able to see a senator speak, a bill come over from the house to the senate and then the senate go out of session for the weekend, all of which have their own procedures. Saturday we went out to Arlington national cemetery, that was a very large, and somber, place.

The next weekend I didn’t work was April 4th and 5th, the first weekend of Easter recess. That weekend I went up to New York with a couple of the other interns.  I really enjoyed the weekend, if for nothing else than it was a weekend away from my roommates. We arrived Saturday morning, which meant getting up really early, and tried to take the subway from Penn station to the hotel.  I won’t make that mistake again! I also have a new respect for the DC metro system. From there we took a walk up to Central Park, Huge by the way, wondered around that, yeah we got lost in the park, did I mention it was a big park! We were able to find the zoo, yeah the park has a zoo though no talking lions like the movies, but we did see some cool penguins.  To get back to the hotel we took a cab, those cabs are awesome, they have the Internet in the backseat and take credit cards.  That night we went to a Broadway show, The Lion King, now I’m not gonna lie, I was not all that excited about this show but I went because I am open to new things.  I was surprised by how much I liked the show, it was really well done, great actors, well written script, and it was adapted from the movie for the show very nicely!  Sunday we went to Ground Zero and to a point were we could see the Statue of Liberty.

And that is what I have been up to.


March 1st

With congress back in session this week I was sure that things would pick up around the office and I would get back to the running around that had consumed a lot of my time before recess.  I found out though that congress doesn’t really get rolling that fast, actually they are extremely slow at getting back to work.  So it was a slower week at the office again this week, which was alright because it gave me a Chance to do some things I hadn’t done yet.

I  went to my first Professional Basketball game on Friday.  The Wizards played the Bulls (and won) it was a fun time. Though it did get started a few minutes late, the President ended up coming to the game and ran a few minutes behind.

I was also finally able to see the national Portrait Gallery on Saturday which was really interesting.  They had a couple of exhibits on the presidents there which was nice, they had an original painting of every president the US has ever had, as well as some other photos of the certain presidential events, like Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in on Air Force One, which was my favorite picture in the gallery.  Overall the entire gallery was nice to see and a good time.

February 22th

So congress has been in recess this week, which means that work has been easier than normal.  The first couple of days I took care of some backlogged projects, then i  just enjoyed a little slower pace, until Monday.

Since its been a slower pace I was able to talk with some people and make a decision as to what I will be doing in late May, after my internship is over.  I have decided to return to North Dakota and finish my schooling, I should graduate in may of ’10.  I will then move on to full time graduate school, either continuing at U.N.D. or moving back to DC.  I will then begin working full time, again.

here is something I din’t know 5 minutes ago

There will be no State of the Union Address this year.

President Obama will address a joint session of congress next Tuesday and deliver a speech.  Do to the fact that he was just elected and has only recently taken the office of the President he will not give a State of the Union Address.  It will address what he wants to do in the next year, leaving out the part of how everything went the previous year.  On years of inauguration, and presidential elections it is tradition that there is no State of the Union Address, and if there is one given it would be done by the outgoing President having a letter delivered to congress and read into the record.

February 19th

So last night I finally went to Ben’s Chili Bowl.  It is a local restaurant that the locals know, its not a place were tourists go, so it sort of the thing to do once you move to the city.  The last few presidents have even gone there once they get to town, its a  thing to show they’re a local now.

They had really good food, basically whatever you wanted topped with chili, so it was a little hard to eat, but worth it.  It was a great atmosphere to, there were a lot of pictures of celebrities that had been there.  Chris Rock, Hillary Clinton, Tom Clancy, Bill Cosby.  It was cool to get to see that so many famous people had eaten at a place were, if you were just happening by, you wouldn’t give it a second thought.

February 14th

Alright I know its been two weeks since I updated this but it was a really long two weeks, the American recovery and reinvestment bill (Stimulus Bill) was unbelievable amount of work.  There was a while there were literally all I did was go to work and go to bed (at like 11 p.m.) which was as soon as i got home, and then get up at 6 a.m. to do it all over again. It made for a very long two weeks, even the weekends were work related.  Now I finally have some time off (A three day weekend WOOOOO!!!!!).

It was a very eventful two weeks, even besides the A.R.R. bill.  I was able to sneak out of the office long enough to have dinner with the commander of SOCOM, that’s Special Operation Command.  That was a great dinner, and good timing I needed a break from work.  He was pretty nice and laid back, which surprised me as he is an ex navy seal.

The only other reprieve I got was actually work related, A few of us went to the Joint Services Reception.  There were alot of military higher ups there, I had a conversation with the a two star admiral, a one star general and the chief counsel (aka the head lawyer) for the Coast Guard, it was interesting because we got on the topic of Grand Forks.  Everyone there actually knew about some about Grand Forks, mostly they knew about the flood that happened in ’97, I was interested to learn just how much the coast guard had to do with helping out in that situation, they also had a familiarity with what is happening out there now, which isn’t good, about the snow and flood predictions for the spring so Dave get my electronics off the basement floor please.  Overall it was really a good conversation, plus I got a couple of business cards from people, nice to make contacts.


I have posted pictures on a couple of pages, the botanical Gardens, and the National Archive pages found at the top of the website.

I will continue to post pictures to new pages that will appear next to those other pages on the top of the site.